P&M 7 YO Corsican Whisky, 42 %

P&M 7 YO Corsican WhiskySo, they make whisky in Corsica as well. Who knew? I guess they make whisky most everywhere by now, so I should not be surprised. Well, here we have the P&M 7 YO Corsican Whisky. It is produced by Distillerie Mavela. This particular release was limited to 5000 bottles.

Most of the info I find on this distillery is in French, and I have not yet mastered that language. Thankfully I found the following snippet of info:

“Made in co-operation with the Pietra beer, the P&M whisky is one of Domaine Mavela’s best alcohol drinks. [..] P&M whisky consists of brewed Pietra malt that is then fermented and distilled before a long maturation in the oak barrels of the Domaine Gentile vineyard which used to contain Patrimonio muscat that helped make the flavors even more exceptional. Lastly, a softening of the drink with spring water from the St Georges pass (near Ajaccio, Corsica) completes the making.[..]

Jim Murray positioned P&M as world’s fifth best whisky in 2013, which makes it France’s best whisky.” (source)

You can pick up a bottle of P&M 7 YO Corsican Whisky online at around € 70.

Nose: Relatively anonymous on first sniff. Mild and a bit fruity. Hints of alcohol. Oaky notes mixed with nuts, vanilla and malt drops. It is very low key. After a while it turns slightly herbal.

Taste: Rather thin – a skinny dram, if you will. Oak, pepper, caramel and herbs. Eucalyptus stands out.

Finish: Short finish. Mild oakiness and caramel. Peppery water towards the end.

Comments: A strange one, and not very complex. Decent enough, I suppose. And I have now tasted whisky from Corsica. That’s kinda cool, huh?

Score (72/100)

– Thomas



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