Octomore Masterclass_08.1, 8 YO, 59.3 %

Octomore Masterclass_08.1Octomore is the über-peaty whisky produced by Bruichladdich on Islay. This is peated whisky that forces you to sit up and pay attention. It has been a while since I last reviewed an Octomore, but recently the whole series 8 range was released. Four different Octomores in the Masterclass_08.X series. Today I am looking very closely at the Octomore Masterclass_08.1.

This dram is peated to the “standard” Octomore level of 167 ppm phenols. The official info on this release can be found here, but the key stats are these:

  • 167 ppm
  • Distilled in 2008 using 100% Scottish barley, from the 2007 harvest
  • 100% matured in 1st fill American oak, including Buffalo Trace, Clermont Springs, Four Roses, Heaven Hill & Jack Daniels
  • 42 000 bottles

This particular release has the “unusual” age of 8 YO. Most Octomores are 5 YO, with the exception of the two 10 YOs (the first one reviewed here).

A bottle of the Octomore Masterclass_08.1 will set you back SEK 1499 (40155) in Sweden, and in the UK around GBP 90. It is not yet available in Norway.

Nose: Well, you’d expect a punch in the face, but there’s no punch at all. Is this a wolf in sheep’s clothing? Hmm.. let’s have a closer sniff, and perhaps a sip or two. Vanilla and smoked coconut. Creamy milk chocolate. It is definitely peaty, but it is well within what I would describe as warm and cozy (I might be damaged though, so keep that in mind – and approach with caution).

Taste: Full-bodied and woah! Firing on all cyliders now! A massive hit of chili, black peppercorn, cold ashes, carbonized orchard fruits, toast burnt to a crisp and bitter oranges.

Finish: Medium long finish. Soo much softer, sweeter and more delicate now. It is probably still very hot and uncompromising, but after that initial hit anything less intense will seem like a kiss from an angel. A tender bitterness skirts around the edges, still of the bitter orange persuasion.

Comments: Octomore is fun!

Score (87/100)

– Thomas


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