Octomore 10 YO Second Ltd Ed (2016), 10 YO, 57.3 %

This is old for an Octomore. There has been one previous release of Octomore 10 YO (see review) back in 2012. This, the Octomore 10 YO Second Ltd Ed (2016), was distilled in December 2005 and released in 2016, in a limited run of 18000 bottles. It clocks in at 167 ppm, so not by far the most über-peated in the series.

The Octomore 10 YO Second Ltd Ed (2016) has been matured in fresh bourbon casks and in Grenache Blac casks (a predominantly Spanish white wine). The whisky is 100 % made with Scottish Barley.

You can buy the Octomore 10 YO Second Ltd Ed (2016) in Norway at NOK 2099 (7337501).

This review was typed in live on my Facebook group (“Whisky i glasset”), as I nosed and tasted the dram. I have left the text largely unedited below; just fixed a few glaring typos.

Nose: My nose might be getting old and insensitive, or perhaps jaded and indifferent, but I must honestly say that I do not find this Octomore to be terribly peaty. Sure, it is peaty, don’t get me wrong, but there’s nothing to be afraid of. I feel the Octomore hype has gone a bit too far. Octomore seems to now be considered legendary in all its peatiness. It is almost a test of courage – in the eyes of many whisky drinkers out there. I purposely did not say “a test of manhood” here, because in my experience more women than men go for the really peaty drams.

Anyways, let’s forget for a moment that this is an Octomore, and rather enjoy it as a well-crafted, peaty dram. Rich wood smoke (sure), but also a lot of rich fruitiness as well as vanilla and grape juice. I also find nuts and leather here. Hints of oakiness. It does have a soft alcohol bite, more a nibble really. Other than that I cannot fault this at all.

Taste: Rich and full-.bodied. OK, ok, ok. Fine! My tongue is now on fire.. There, I admit it. OK? So, it is somewhat peaty after all. OK, I YIELD! But still, there’s so much more going on than just the peat here. Fiery ashes, and wild forest fires aside, I find vanilla and grape juice just as I did on the nose. I now also detect salt, ginger and creamy caramel.

Finish: Medium long finish. It does not develop a whole lot more. It rather settles and sticks to what is knows best, and just rides the current to the end. The grape juice dissipates, and I am left with fruity ashes, salt and creamy caramel.

Comments: Yep, still an Octomore fan at heart.

Score (89/100)

– Thomas