Roslagswhisky Eko No. 1, 3 YO, 46 %

Roslagswhisky Eko No. 1The whisky I present today was made by Norrtelje Brenneri AB, Sweden. This is their second release. It differs from the first batch, in that this one is matured in an ex-bourbon cask from Heaven Hill, whereas the first batch was matured in an ex-sherry Oloroso cask. Both were single cask releases.

The whisky is certified organic. The total outturn was 263 bottles. 200 bottles will be sold through Viking Line, and the remaining 63 bottles will be available at the Bordershop Whisky Fair April 15.-17. this year.

I was told, with a smile, by a representative from the distillery that the big W on the bottle is not necessarily short for Whisky, it could also be short for Woman. Well, that’s cute.

The bottle this whisky comes in is very nice, I think. I also like the fact that they have decided on bottling this at 70 cl, where most everyone starting out in the Nordics now release 50 cl bottles. The price is also fairly decent (again considering the bottle size), at SEK 987.

Nose (21/25): Fresh and young-ish. No off-notes, mind you. There is plenty of malty notes, mixed with apples, pears, red berries, vanilla, and wet sawdust.

Taste (20/25): Very soft mouthfeel, almost too soft. It takes a couple of sips to distinguish any specific aromas here. Pepper, oak, vanilla and ginger.

Finish (22/25): Medium to short finish, but it develops nicely. It has a nice, lingering and spicy sweetness to it. Runny honey with a touch of cinnamon, nutmeg, hazelnuts, unsalted peanuts, dark chocolate and ginger.

Balance (21/25): The finish took me by surprise – and it was a positive surprise. It was relatively short, but very appealing. This is the first whisky I have tried from Norrtelje Brenneri, and I certainly don’t mind trying another few when I get the chance.

Score (84/100)

– Thomas


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