Isle of Fionia – Cask No. 1, 3 YO, 58 %

Nordic Whisky #64 - Isle of Fionia - Cask No. 1I am very excited to present to you the Isle of Fionia – Cask No. 1. This is the first whisky released from Nyborg Distillery in Denmark. They already have a further handful of releases to their name, and I will do my best to track them down.

This whisky is 3 years old. It was distilled in 2009, and bottled on 2012-06-15. It is organic and bottled at an ABV of 58 %. It is a single cask release, with a total outturn of 362 50 cl bottles. The Isle of Fionia – Cask No. 1 was matured in American white oak.

You can still buy the Isle of Fionia – Cask No. 1 online from Denmark at DKK 2199 here.

Nose (20/25): Vanilla, fudge, green apples, pears, oak, barley wine, mint and peppermint. There is some alcohol here, giving more than just a hint of youthfulness.

Taste (18/25): Oh, boy! Fresh oak and cask strength, indeed! Very spicy, tons of vanilla, very creamy and full mouthfeel. Mint and eucalyptus literally growing out of my ears. Hello! That was a wake-up call in a glass.

Finish (19/25): Oily and warm. Medium long finish. Tons of spiced honey and vanilla now. Quite herbal on the finish.

Balance (20/25): This certainly is a debut that packs a punch. It does feel a bit too young and immature yet, but it shows promise. Waiting for Cask No. 2 now!

Score (77/100)

Image from Loop Associates.

– Thomas


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