W Single Malt Whisky av Fredrik Paulin, 3 YO, 50,1 %

W Single Malt Whisky av Fredrik PaulinThis is a whisky with quite a long name, and a slightly unusual backstory. It has been produced by the company Skånska Spritfabriken / XO Spirits AB (also a long name!), in southern Sweden. Well, actually from what I can tell the actual distillation was done in France, but by the same company. They are using Swedish malt, and the full maturation has been done in Sweden, in French oak apple brandy casks.

The first few months the whisky was matured in small 30 l casks, then for the majority of the maturation it was held in a 225 liter barrel. The apple brandy that was previously on these casks is also produced by Skånska Spritfabriken / XO Spirits AB.

The whisky was sold in 20 cl bottles at SEK 263. A total of about 200 bottles were sold, and they’re all sold out now.

A second whisky is planned for release next year. They are also looking to increase production, and they have just recently started selling casks. Longer term their plan is to set up copper stills on site in Sweden.

Nose (22/25): Fresh and quite fruity. Lots of green apples, apple juice and a nice maltiness. It is young, for sure, but it certainly holds its head high and proud. I love that both the malt and the apple notes from the casks are so distinct.

Taste (21/25): Again fresh and fruity. Slightly fizzy mouthfeel. Some oakiness; camphor and ginger soda. Mild spices.

Finish (20/25): Medium long finish. Menthol and mint, mixing well with the apples that are still very much present. Honey-like mouthfeel and sweetness.

Balance (21/25): I liked it, although I think maybe the apple notes will be a bit too dominating for some of you out there. I am excited to see what the next release will be like. Keep up the good work!

Score (84/100)

– Thomas



  1. Interesting. While recently in the Perigord I came across a Scotch whisky which had been matured (or maybe just finished) in oak barrels which contained truffles – so called truffle oak I think. Lascaw 12 year old, 40%, truffle cask finish. Personally, I found it nice, but bland, with little discernable “truffle” in the nose or taste.


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