Stauning Rye Second Opinion, NAS, 48 %

stauning_rye_second_opinionThis is only my second whisky from the Danish distillery Stauning. I have previously reviewed their Stauning Young Rye.

This rye whisky was distilled in 2009 and 2010, and released on August 1, 2011. This was a limited release of 1789 bottles at 50 cl. It was made using both malted and unmalted rye. The malted rye was malted at Stauning Distillery. Maturation was done in all fresh oak casks, one 200 liter barrel and 12 smaller casks at 50 liters each.

You can actually still buy the Stauning Rye Second Opinion online at the rather impressive price of DKK 3999.

Nose (21/25): Spicy, youthful and slightly oaky on the nose. It is all quite mild and mellow – caramel, vanilla, milk chocolate and pepper. It has a touch of perfume to it – floral.

Taste (22/25): Very spicy and full-bodied. It is quite ‘big’. There is a fruity touch as well – apples I believe. White pepper, brown sugar, ginger and mild oak.

Finish (20/25): Light and of medium to short length. Caramel and hints of maple syrup.

Balance (21/25): A very mild mannered and youthful rye. I really have to work my way up to the more recent (and older) releases from Stauning, as this is all quite promising.

Score (84/100)

– Thomas


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