Flóki – Icelandic Young Malt 1st Edition, NAS, 47 %

Flóki - Icelandic Young Malt 1st EditionThis is the very first ‘almost whisky’ from Iceland. Eimverk Distillery was established back in 2009, and here is their first product. The Flóki – Icelandic Young Malt 1st Edition consist of eight single barrels released late 2014 and early 2015, all released as single casks.

The age of these barrels are 1-2 years, and they are all fresh 200 l American Oak barrels, medium+ toast and char level.

We bought a bottle from barrel 3, which is 12 months old.

We sent off a couple of questions to Halli Thorkelsson at Eimverk Distillery to learn more:

Our Young malt helps break in our new American oak barrels for the single malt.  We found it hard to get a stable supply of quality used oak so the Young malt is on one hand a fresh and very young Icelandic Malt but also a part of our barrel cycle, breaking in controlled supplies of barrels for our single malt.

And here is a little hint at what we can expect from the distillery in the time to come:

We will also be bottling Flóki Sheep Dung smoked young malt this year. Our first single malt bottling will be next summer.

Nose (21/25): Fresh cut grass, citrus, barley juice and malt. A very fresh and young nose – but this is young in an upbeat and positive way. It feels very clean and vibrant on the nose. Given some time in the glass there is a distinct oakiness here – fresh sawdust with lemon juice sprinkled on. Fresh herbs and roots; tarragon, thyme and licorice.

Taste (20/25): Full-bodied and dry mouthfeel. Pepper, oak, malt and slightly bitter caramel.

Finish (21/25): Pepper and honey. Dry, dark chocolate, then coffee and dark caramel with a slight burnt edge. Oaky spiciness and hints of ginger. Warm and of medium length.

Balance (20/25): A positive first effort, I would say. I am very much looking forward to trying their first proper single malt to be released in 2016, under the name Flóki – First Impression. Check back here for more on whisky from Eimverk Distillery, good folks!

Score (82/100)

Flóki - Icelandic Young Malt 1st Edition - back

Flóki - Icelandic Young Malt 1st Edition - top

– Thomas



  1. Hi
    I have been given a 50 cl bottle of Floki Icelandic young malt and I andmy Icelandic friend have taste tested it recently


    As a scotch whisky distiller with many years experience I was very interested to taste your firat “whisky”
    Our scotch whisky regulations state that yoy have to wait 3 years to call it scotch…this is for a reason!
    Greatly depends on your cask!
    Yours arenot the best
    I will be in Iceland in a years time and would like to come and visit
    I would like to wish you well with your enterprise
    Duncan Kellock

    • Hi Duncan. Please note that the Floki Icelandic Young Malt is not a whisky, and is not sold as a whisky. It is a ‘young malt’. The European whisky regulations are exactly the same as the regulations for Scotch in this respect. You have to mature the spirit for a minimum of three years before you can call it whisky. A slight difference is that for Scotch the maturation has to be in casks made from oak, whereas in Europe outside of Scotland the requirement is casks made from wood (this was the wording in the regulations for Scotch up until well).

  2. We vacationed in Iceland in 2015 and bought a bottle (Bbl 12, Btl 243) of Floki Young Malt. Being from Kentucky USA we are quite familiar with Bourbon whiskey and other North American types. We were full of anticipation to sample this new and different whiskey and could hardly wait to get to our hotel room. What a pleasant surprise! We found the Floki to be excellent by itself and a willing ingredient in various mixers. Floki is one of the many pleasant memories we have of our 10 days in Iceland. Well done!


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