Nordic Whisky #37 – Smögen 2011 4 YO Single Cask #7/2011, 57,3 %

Smögen 2011 4 YO Single Cask #7/2011The Swedish west coast distillery Smögen Distillery is staying busy. Their whiskies are still very young, at 3-4 YO, but that does not stop them from releasing top quality product. They are not alone in this, of course, as a number of Nordic distilleries continue to impress with their releases. This is great fun for us whisky nerds!

Time then to try the second single cask release from Pär Caldenby, the Smögen 2011 4 YO Single Cask #7/2011. This whisky was distilled on March 11, 2011, and bottled on March 28th, 2015, making it just over 4 years old. It has been fully matured in a 1st fill Sauternes barrique cask. The total outturn was 429 bottles.

The Smögen 2011 4 YO Single Cask #7/2011 has not been released yet, but expected release date is in May or August. We will be back with more info as we get it. Official release date for this whisky will be August 27, 2015, at 10 am. See the comments below for details on a few bottles finding their way to the UK before that time.

Nose (22/25): Definitely some wine notes here. The powerful and peaty Smögen character is certainly present, but it is somewhat tempered by the sweetness from the cask. Grapes, ripe plums, wood smoke, juniper, fresh licorice, honey and grandma’s home made honey cake. Very rich and sweet nose. A hint of gin as well.

Taste (21/25): Very rich and full mouthfeel. Peaty and sugary. Fruits come to the fore after a couple of sips – grapes and ripe plums again. Quite spicy to taste as well – pepper and dried ginger. It has a slight edge that reveals its young age – but it is quite balanced.

Finish (21/25): Warm and of medium length. Milk chocolate and sticky caramel, a bit like Toffin (Norwegian candy – toffee covered in chocolate).

Balance (21/25): Again pretty impressed with the consistent high quality that Pär Caldenby at Smögen Whisky is able to produce with his very limited resources. A dram full of character and heart.

Score (86/100)

Thanks Pär for the sample!

– Thomas



  1. Release date is the 27th of August at 10:00:00 AM, through – very late, but they do not do releases during the summer… However, a few bottles (36) have gone to Scotland and I suspect the canny Scots will be somewhat faster out of the blocks with this one! Check your favourite online retailer for it.

  2. Hi!

    Quick one, I’m UK based but desperate for a bottle of this, any ideas how to order it / shops that stock it?

    Many thanks

  3. Hi,
    In the UK Smögen Single Cask 7/2011 is now available in store from Hedonism Wines, on line from Royal Mile Whiskies and tasters are available on line from Master of Malt.


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