Teerenpeli 8 YO, 43 %

Teerenpeli 8 YOTeerenpeli Distillery is located in Lahti, Finland. They have a great, little distillery in the cellar beneath one of their restaurants. It is a perfectly lovely distillery to visit, so if you ever find yourself on travels in Finland, make sure you go visit them!

The Teerenpeli 8 YO has been matured in a mix of 200 liter bourbon casks and 200 liter 2nd fill sherry cask. The proportions are about 60 % bourbon and 40 % sherry. All bottles are numbered, and the ABV is 43 %.

The packaging is quite original. It was developed in Lahti Forming school as a student project. The aim was to create something that was unique and environmentally friendly. The end result is made of carton and a wooden plate under the bottle. They say you can then start a fire with the packaging and then drink the whisky to get warm in the cold Nordic winter.

You can buy Teerenpeli 8 YO in Norway at NOK 790 (item number 1826602). This whisky is not currently available to buy in Sweden.

Nose (22/25): Mild, round, rich and full-bodied. I get menthol, mild caramel, and chocolate notes. It is malty, with notes of nuts and citrus.

Taste (21/25): Malty to taste as well. The sherry notes come better through on the taste, whereas on the nose it was more dominated by the bourbon. Sugar, caramel, dark fruits and malt.

Finish (22/25): Lots of chocolate notes; chocolate mousse and mocca. Ginger and malt. Some spiciness come through towards the end. Medium length.

Balance (21/25): Another fine dram from Finland.

Score (86/100)

– Thomas


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