Box Quercus I Robur, 4 YO, 50.8 %

Nordic whisky #190 - Box Quercus I RoburThis is the first release in the latest series from Box Whisky (soon High Coast Distillery), the Quercus series. The focus here is on the various typoes of oak and how they influence the final product. The Box Quercus I Robur naturally focuses on Quercus Robur – known as European oak or just common oak.

This is an unpeated release. Initially matured for 4.1 years in 200 litre 1st fill bourbon casks, and then finished for 7 months in 40 litre casks made from fresh Swedish oak. The spirit was distilled between 2012-10-03 and 2012-12-10. The final product was bottled 2017-09-04 to 2017-09-06. The total outturn was 8229 bottles (50 cl).

You can buy a bottle of the Box Quercus I Robur in Norway at NOK 949 (8311102), and in Sweden at SEK 799 (4013602).

Nose: Soft and delicate. I would say the bourbon casks dominate the nose at first; vanilla, coconut milk, pine wood and tropical fruit top notes. Soft spiciness; pepper, ginger, nutmeg, and even hints of carnation.

Taste: Full bodied and rich mouthfeel. Peppery and fizzy. A wave of sweet oak. Mint, caramel and toasted oak. Pine wood.

Finish: Medium long finish. Very sweet. Marshmallows, floral honey, ginger, and sweet licorice. A touch of green tea with a generous helping of white sugar. Honey melon and rich caramel sauce right at the end.

Comments: Huh! I really enjoyed that, even if we got ery close to the edge of “too much Swedish oak” there for a bit 🙂

Score (86/100)

– Thomas