Stauning 2012 Oak Oak, 4 YO, 47.8 %

Nordic Whisky #180 - Stauning 2012 Oak OakA double matured whisky from Danish distillery Stauning is on the testbench today. The Stauning 2012 Oak Oak has just recently sold out (DKK 895 I believe the price was).

Here is what the distillery says about this particular release:

A “Double Wood” made on the base of our Traditional. It has been aging in 2 different casks. First an ex-bourbon 1st fill cask and then an American virgin oak cask.

The Stauning 2012 Oak Oak was distilled in 2012, and bottled in February 2017. The total outturn was 765 bottles (two casks).

Nose: Very sweet, very fresh. The virgin oak completely dominates on the nose at first. Overly sweet to the point where it masks out most everything else. After a while I pick up vanilla, red berries and bubblegum. The sweetness does not really subside, but it morphs a bit – now more artificial in character, and with a touch of mint. Sugar free Spearmint. I also pick up a note that I can best describe as the smell of flat, cold coca cola.

Taste: Medium body and soft mouthfeel. The (artificial) sweetness is still here, but a little less dominating. Freshly cut grass, mint, peppermint and vanilla. White pepper and cinnamon.

Finish: Medium to short finish. Less sweet, more minty and green. Ginger and hints of coconut towards the end.

Comments: This is a bit too young and with too much fresh oak notes to my taste.

Score (77/100)

– Thomas