Box Whisky PX – Pedro Ximénez Finish, 5 YO, 56,7 %

I recently got my hands on a sample of the Box Whisky PX – Pedro Ximénez Finish released exclusively for the Asia market. The whisky was distilled in 2011, and bottled on 2016-11-11. The total outturn was 1507 bottles at 50 cl. This is an unpeated whisky.

Here is a brief description of the product:

“100% unpeated whisky which is first matured in 200-litre [1st fill] bourbon casks for 4.13 years before being finished in 55-litre casks of American oak which have contained PX sherry for a further 12 months.”

The Box Whisky PX – Pedro Ximénez Finish sells at around € 85.

Nose: Oooh, I like this. This is pretty much what I expected. A good, solid Box Whisky with the added, rich sweetness from the PX casks. The PX is in fact so heavy and rich that it almost feels slightly peated. In other words, I do not miss the peat here at all.

Taste: More spicy than on the nose; lots of pepper and chilli. Ginger and cinnamon. Tingly and fizzy. Rich oak, caramel and thick honey. Dried fruits.

Finish: Medium long finish. Dark, dark, dark. Sweet and heavy, although lighter towards the end.

Comments: Rich and lovely. More PX casks, dear Box! Why not try a fully PX matured release?

Score (87/100)

– Thomas