Box Whisky In Flames Selection, 5 YO, 60,8 %

Box Whisky In Flames SelectionThis single cask release from Box Whisky is a bit unusual. Anders Fridén, the singer in the rock group In Flames, is apparently a great fan of both whisky in general and of Box Whisky in particular. In August this year he was let loose in the warehouses and selected this particular cask.

The cask in question was a 1st fill ex-Jack Daniels bourbon barrel (200 litre). The spirit that went into the barrel was distilled between 2011-02-09 and 2011-06-22. 48,6 % of the spirit was peated, the rest unpeated, resulting in an average peatiness of 15 ppm on the malt used. The Box Whisky In Flames Selection was bottled on 2016-09-28, with a total outturn of 359 bottles. Check out all the other nerdy details here.

The Box Whisky In Flames Selection was released for sale on 2016-10-03, at a price of SEK 1295, and it sold out in seconds.

Nose: Soft and classic bourbon cask nose. Vanilla, soft coconut aromas, mild oakiness and the gentlest touch of something fruity. A bit closed and shy. There is some peatiness here, but it does not really stand out. Well integrated, no alcohol sting on the nose.

Taste: Oh, hello! Here’s the peat and the full-on flavor. Not that shy anymore, are we? OK, then. Vanilla, caramel, white pepper, ginger. There’s a pine wood forest on fire – but we are a fair distance away from the flames so this is not in any way overwhelming. But, was that it?

Finish: Medium long finish. Oily, then almost dry. There’s only ashes left of the pine wood forest now. Honey flavoured wood chips, vanilla and a touch of lime.

Comments: Not quite up to the usual high standards from Box Whisky. Still a decent dram.

Score (82/100)

– Thomas


    • Thanks! There are quite a few other, very nice releases from Box Whisky. If you get a chance you definitely should check out the festival bottlings from 2014 and 2015, as well as the Archipelago 2016. I am also quite partial to the Messenger and their new 2nd Step series. Enjoy your Box adventures!


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