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Welcome to the Whisky Saga Nordic Distillery Map. The listed distilleries are divided into the following categories:


‘Extra’ indicates a company where whisky is just (limited) part of the business. Please let me know if you have updates to this map!

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Aarhus BryghusExtraGunnar Clausens Vej 26, 8260 Viby J, DanmarkBrewery collaborating with nearby (50 km) distillery Enghaven Brænderi. Whisky is matured in ex-cognac casks that have also held their stout Black Monster. First whisky launched 2016-08-25.
Agitator Whiskymakare ABActive732 47 Arboga, SwedenThe investor company Nordic Whisky Capital is planning a new distillery in Arboga, Sweden.
Ägräs DistilleryPlannedPeltorivi 7, 10470 Raseborg, Raasepori, FinlandPlanned distillery. Currently securing financial backing Kickstarter style.
ArcusExtraDestilleriveien 11, Nittedal, NorwayProducing and selling whisky. First whisky launched for sale December 2013.
Aurora SpiritsExtraÅrøybuktneset 44, 9060 LyngseidetDistillery started producing whisky late Autumn 2016. Focus on vodka, aquavit and gin first.
Berentsens Brygghus ASExtraJernbaneveien 28, 4370 Egersund, NorwayProducing as of 2018-12-12. Will focus on whisky, gin and aquavit.
Bergslagens Destilleri Örebro ABPlannedPettersbergsvägen 2A, 703 69 Örebro, SwedenThis is the second round for the distillery, now planned for startup in Örebro. The first Bergslagens Destilleri was established in 2011 and closed in 2013.
Box DestilleriActiveSørviken 140, 872 96 Bjärtrå, SwedenProducing and selling whisky. First whisky released June 2014.
Braunstein Mikro Destilleri & BryggeriActiveCarlsensvej 5, 4600 Køge, DenmarkProducing and selling whisky.
Brænderiet EnghavenActiveAmtsvejen 133, 8930 Randers NØ, DenmarkDistilling (rye) whisky since 2014. released first whisky for sale in November 2017.
Brænderiet LimfjordenActiveBrænderiet Limfjorden, Havnevej 84, 7990 Sillerslev, DenmarkStarted whisky production in 2013.
Buran Norsk WhiskyMothballed7622 Markabygda, NorwayProduction of whisky started spring 2013. Currently no activity.
Copenhagen DistilleryActiveBryggergaarden 2, 2770 Kastrup, DenmarkProducing whisky. Already selling gin.
Danish Distillers (Danske Spritfabriker)ClosedC. A. Olesens Gade 1, 9000 Aalborg, DenmarkProduced the whisky CLOC until 1974.
Det Norske BrenneriExtraIndustriveien 6, Østerhus, 4879 GrimstadProducing and selling whisky.
Egge GårdExtraBaneveien 16, Lier, Buskerud, NorwayHas released oak cask matured distilled beer as 'Norwegian Single Malt' (so not whisky due to the hops). Might be producing single malt at a later stage.
Faer Isles WhiskyPlannedNorðradalur, Faroe IslandsPlanned whisky distillery. Working on financing now. Plan to release whisky in 2024.
Falbygdens BränneriPlannedFalköping, SwedenPlanned startup in 2017. No further details at this time.
Fary Lochan Destilleri og VineriActiveÅgade 41, 7323 Give, DenmarkProducing and selling whisky. First whisky launched Autumn 2013.
Flóki (Eimverk Distillery)ActiveLyngás 13, 210 Gardabaer, IcelandStarted production in 2012. Selling mini casks. Have released first product, Floki, a 9-12 month old spirit. First whisky to be released in 2016.
Gammelstilla WhiskyActiveGammelstillavägen 103 B, 813 94 Torsåker, SwedenProducing whisky. Whisky planned for sale in 2015.
Gnesta BränneriExtraGnesta, Södermanland County, SwedenStarted producing whisky in 2016. Has been producing other products for years.
Gotland Whisky - Isle of LimeActiveGotland Whisky AB, Sockerbruket, Romakloster, SwedenProducing whisky. First whisky launched in 2015.
Grythyttan DestilleriClosed713 31 Nora, Örebro County, SwedenProduced whisky 2010-2013. Now closed.
Gute VingårdExtra623 42 Havdhem, SwedenProducing whisky. First whisky launched for sale 2013.
Kyrö Distillery CompanyActiveOltermannintie 6, 61500 Isokyrö, FinlandEstablished 2014. Has a young rye product in sale, at four months old; Verso Rye.
Lappland DestilleriPlannedJärnvägsgatan 91, 933 33 Arvidsjaur, Sweden[2014-10-15] Start-up problems. The project is now put on hold for a year or more.
Mackmyra Svensk Whisky ABActiveNobelvägen, Gävle, SwedenProducing and selling whisky
Mosgaard WhiskyActiveTanghavevej 43, 5883 Oure, DenmarkProduction started around March 1, 2016.
Myken Destilleri ASActiveMyken, 8181 Rødøy, NorwayEstablished in 2014. Production started in December 2014.
Nordisk BrænderiExtraHjortdalvej 227, 9690 Fjerritslev, DenmarkProducing and selling whisky. First whisky launched in 2014.
Nordmarkens DestilleriPlannedHolmedal Liane 2, Årjäng, SwedenStarting up. All permissions and licenses obtained. First production made at other Swedish distillery using their specifications.
Norrtelje BränneriExtraLohärad PL 104 77, 761 72 Norrtälje, SwedenProducing and selling whisky. First whisky launched in 2014.
Nyborg Distillery / Isle of FioniaActiveSølystvej 10, Nyborg, DenmarkStarted producing whisky in 2009. Released first whisky product in 2014.
Oss Craft DistilleryActiveFleslandsvegen 205, 5258 Bergen, Blomsterdalen, NorwayStarted whisky production late 2016.
Panimoravintola Beer Hunter'sActiveAntinkatu 11, 28100 Pori, FinlandProducing whisky since 2001. Selling the whisky Old Buck since 2004.
Qvänum Mat & MaltPlannedN58 17.270 E13 09.452Established in 2005. Minor whisky production, no sale. Focus on other products.
Sall WhiskyActiveVestagervej 1, 8450 Hammel, DenmarkProduction started 2018.
SangenPlannedKaitoväylä 1, 90570 Oulu, FinlandWill start production shortly. refer to themselves as Laboratory - Brewery - Distillery.
Skånska Spritfabriken / XO SpiritsExtraSandby 1651, 247 92 Södra Sandby, SwedenProducing and selling whisky on a very small scale. Actual distilling done in France, using Swedish malt. Maturation in Sweden.
Smögen WhiskyActiveStåleröd Ljungliden 1, 456 93 Hunnebostrand, SwedenProducing and selling whisky. First whisky launched March 18 2014.
Spirit of HvenExtraSpirit of Hven Backafallsbyn, Norreborgsvägen 55, Sankt Ibb, SwedenProducing and selling whisky
Stauning Danish WhiskyActiveStauningvej 38 6900 Skjern DenmarkProducing and selling whisky.
Teerenpeli Malt-Whisky DistilleryActiveRautatienkatu 13, Lahti, FinlandProducing and selling whisky. Recently launched their first 10 YO whisky. Expanded production late 2015.
Tevsjö DestilleriActiveTevsjövägen 1, 820 40 Järvsö, SwedenProducing whisky. Whisky planned for sale in 2016.
The Helsinki Distilling CompanyActiveTyöpajankatu 2a R3, 00580 Helsinki, FinlandProducing whisky since late 2014. Already selling white dog.
Thoran Whisky (Þoran Whisky)PlannedReykjavik IcelandStarting cask sales summer 2013. No production of whisky yet.
Trolden DestilleriActiveOlaf Ryes Gade 7 M, 6000 Kolding, DenmarkProducing and selling whisky. First whisky released late 2014.
Trondhjem MikrobryggeriActivePrinsens Gate 39, Trondheim, NorwayA micro brewery that has started small scale distilling in 2017. Might be releasing whisky in a few years.
Turku Koulu / Turku BreweryPlannedEerikinkatu 18, 20100 Turku, FinlandDistilled whisky enough to fill a cask on 2009-12-17, and launched for sale at their Brewery in December 2013. No further production ongoing as far as we know. Not sure what status to set her, so I will mark it as Planned...
Uppsala DestilleriActiveStenhagsvägen 156, 752 60 Uppsala, SwedenStarted production in late 2015 or early 2016.
Valamo Monastery DistilleryActiveValamontie 42, 79850 Heinävesi, FinlandMonastery producing whisky (and lots of other products). Production since 2013. First whisky planned to go on sale in 2018.
Vin & SpritcentralenClosedSödertälje, SwedenProduced whisky 1955-1968, called Skeppets Whisky.
Vingården Lille GadegårdExtraSøndre Landevej 63, 3720 Aakirkeby, DenmarkProducing and selling whisky.
Wannborga Bränneri & VingårdExtraÖvra Vannborga By 11, Köpingsvik, SwedenProducing and selling whisky
Ærø WhiskyPlannedHavnevejen 1, 5985 Søby Ærø, DenmarkProduction start planned for May 13, 2016.



  • Added Faer Isles Whisky, a planned distillery in the Faroe Islands.
  • Added Berentsens Brygghus AS, Norway. They have started production.
  • Updated Agitator (Sweden) and Sall Whisky (Denmark)


  • Added Brænderiet Enghaven, Denmark


  • Added some closed distilleries (Grythyttan, Vin & Spritcentralen and Danish Distillers)
  • Added some planned and small scale distilleries (Egge Gård, Trondhjem Mikrobryggeri, Agitator Whiskymakare AB, Bergslagens Destilleri Örebro AB, Falbygdens Bränneri, Gnesta Bränneri)


  • Added Aarhus Bryghus, Denmark


  • Added OSS Craft Distillery, Norway


  • Added Sall Whisky, Denmark
  • Updated Aurora Spirit, Norway


  • Added Ærø Whisky, Denmark
  • Added Mosgaard Whisky, Denmark
  • Added Uppsala Destilleri, Sweden
  • Added Sangen, Finland


  • Added Valamo Monastery Distillery, Finland
  • Added Turku Koulu / Turku Brewery, Finland
  • Added Ägräs Distillery, Finland
  • Huge thanks to Mika Jansson for these updates on Finland!
  • Updated status on a number of distilleries. Mainly setting them to Active when they actually produce whisky, and not waiting until they also sell. Less confusing this way I believe.


  • Added Aurora Spirit, the Arctic distillery currently being built in Norway.
  • Added website for Nordmarkens Destilleri.


  • Removed Ørbæk Distillery as this turned out to be a Brewery which happens to be the company behind nearby Nyborg Distillery / Isle of Fionia (see previous update).


  • Added Nyborg Distillery  / Isle of Fionia, Denmark
  • Added new markers, dividing the listed distilleries into four different categories for better clarity (see above).


  • Added Skånska Spritfabriken / XO Spirits, Sweden
  • Added Nordmarkens Destilleri, Sweden


  • Added Copenhagen Distillery, Denmark
  • Added The Helsinki Distilling Company, Finland
  • Added Qvänum Mat & Malt, Sweden


  • Added Kyrö Distillery Company in Finland.


  • Removed Karstula in Finland. Turned out this was an independent bottler and had no plans to start production (at least yet).
  • Updated text on Lappland Destilleri in Sweden. They are reporting start-up problems, and the project is put on hold for at least a year. I should probably remove them from the map… We’ll see when I do the next update.
  • Huge thanks to Ivar Aarseth for these updates!


  • Added Brænderiet Limfjorden, Denmark
  • Added Myken Destilleri, Norway