nikka1I have heard rumors of this development for some time now, but I guess I did not really want to believe it was true. It is time to remove the blindfold, however, and face the facts. Stefan Van Eycken over at the excellent whisky blog Nonjatta yesterday posted a post that explains all the details on this matter. Here is a short quote:

Nikka is discontinuing their entire single-malt line-up, for both Yoichi and Miyagikyo. That means: no more 10 yo, no more 12 yo, no more 15 yo, no more 20 yo and no more NAS versions of these two as we know them.

On September 1st, Nikka is replacing this entire line-up with two new NAS versions of Yoichi and Miyagikyo, which will differ slightly in profile (read: contain younger components) than the NAS versions hitherto available.

For the entire article go here. There’s a lot more details and clarifications in the full article. Stefan explains why Nikka is more or less forced into making this change.

We have already for some time seen that Nikka whiskies are getting harder to get her in Norway and in Sweden, except for the Nikka Taketsuru range. The Taketsuru range will be the main focus for Nikka moving forward, so we can actually see hints of this change having been in place for some time. Luckily the absolutely brilliant Nikka Wisky From the Barrel will still be available, as will Nikka Coffey Grain and Nikka Coffey Malt.

Please also note that Nikka has announced a significant price increase in Japan for all the expressions that will be available from September 1. The increase will be up to 50 % (Nikka Taketsuru 21 YO). I am sure we will see similar increase in prices in our part of the whisky world as well.

I think this is all very sad news, as I am a big fan of the single malts from both of the Nikka distilleries, but we also have to commend Nikka for being so honest and straightforward about the whole thing. There’s no sneaking about here, they tell it like it is.

At the time of writing this post you can still order the following Nikka single malts in Sweden; NAS, 1o YO, 12 YO and 15 YO of both Yoichi and Miyagikyo. The 20 YO is sold out for both. In Norway you can still buy the NAS, 10 YO, 12 YO and 15 YO Miyagikyo, and the 10 YO and 15 YO of the Yoichi.

Please note that the current price level of Nikka whisky in Sweden is about 30-40 % higher than in Norway. I guess the EU import tariffs come into play here.

Here are some relevant Nikka reviews we have posted on Whisky Saga previously:


– Thomas


  1. 15 YO Miyagikyo er nå utsolgt. Japansk whisky priser er galt nok nå, men nå vil det være sinnsyk. Vi er litt heldig til være i Norge, kanskje den mest billig plass til få Japansk whisky akkurat nå! Yoichi 15 er nå circa 1500kr i Master of Malt i Storbritannia.

    Vite du hvis vi få mer japansk whisky i juli vinmonopolet release ennå?

    Jeg har bestillt et tur til Japan i januar, og det høres ut at vi vil være heldig hvis vi ser et flask whisky, let alone anything special…

    • Hi Jeremy. I am not aware of any new Japanese whisky coming to Norway in July. I do believe we will see more Suntory products in Norway this Autumn – at least I hope so. They have disappeared as well right now, but that is probably more down to the change in importers etc since Suntory bought Beam. That caused a whole lot of re-arranging in many countries.

      I am sure you will find some great bottles in Japan anyway. There are some very nice independent bottlings there, and you always have other distilleries making great whisky, Chichibu is fantastic. Mars is certainly good. What I have tasted from Fuji and Eigashima have been more varied, but still very nice to have tried.

      Good luck!

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  3. […] There is currently no Hibiki NAS available to buy in Norway, or any other Hibiki for that matter. In Swden only the Hibiki 12 YO is currently available. I expect there to be more focus on these NAS releases from Suntory going forward though, as we can expect the same development as we have seen from Nikka. […]

  4. […] The Nikka Yoichi Single Malt is the new NAS (No Age Statement) whisky that was launched after Nikka withdrew all their old age statement whiskies and their old NAS versions of Miyagikyo and Yoichi (more on that dramatic move here). […]


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