Friday November 2, 2018, will be truly unique in Norwegian whisky history. No less than three (3!) new Norwegian single malt products will be launched in one day.

Myken Arctic Single Malt Pineau Finish
Distillery: Myken Destilleri
ABV: 47 %
Bottles: 900
Maturation: ex-bourbon casks, finished in ex-Pineau des Charentes cask
Age: 3 years 6 months
Price (50 cl): 999 NOK

Eiktyrne Tyn & Vin Brandy Finish
Distillery: Det Norske Brenneri
ABV: 52,6 %
Bottles: 530
Maturation: Pedro Ximenez, small sherry and American virgin oak. Finished in fresh brandy cask (French brandy in American oak)
Age: 3+ years
Price (50 cl): 629,40 NOK

Eiktyrne Holl & Toll Refill Sauternes Finish
Distillery: Det Norske Brenneri
ABV: 51,9 %
Bottles: 353
Maturation: Pedro Ximenes, small sherry and fresh brandy casks. Finished in a 2nd fill Sauternes cask
Age: 3+ years
Price (50 cl): 629,70 NOK

– Thomas