Naulin XO Fins Bois, 43 %

Naulin XO Fins BoisI am venturing where I have not ventured before. I am tasting a cognac, and this is my very first cognac review so be kind. The Naulin XO Fins Bois is, as the name indicates, produced in the sub-region Fins Bois within the Cognac appellation.

The sugar content is given as 10 grams/litre. The producer is Maison Boinaud, and this cognac is made from 100 % Ugni Blanc grapes (also known as Trebbiano grapes in Italy). This cognac is matured for 10 years.

The Naulin XO Fins Bois is released in Norway on Friday November 3, at NOK 500 (7987001).

Nose: Light and fruity. Somewhat floral, with both fresh grass and herbs in the mix. Mustard (?). Not particularily sweet on the nose.

Taste: Medium body, medium to light sweetness. Apricots, figs and again some herbs.

Finish: Medium long finish. A bit dry, still with a tempered sweetness. Hints of brunt caramel with a touch of bitterness towards the end.

Comments: A fine cognac to my simple taste. I like that it does not come across as too sweet.

Score (84/100)

– Thomas