The young Norwegian whisky distillery on the tiny island of Myken is now (almost) ready to launch their first product. It will not be a whisky, naturally, as they have only been in production for less than a year.

Their first product will be the Myken Arctic Dry Gin. Handcrafted at Myken Distillery, made from desalinated Arctic sea water, made with local botanicals and bottled at a merchant strength of 47 % ABV. They are hoping to have the Myken Arctic Dry Gin available to buy through Vinmonopolet in Norway some time this Autumn.

Roar Larsen at Myken Distillery tells us that they are going for a less citrusy character than many other modern gins, and rather try to give it a local Myken-esque feel. To achieve this they are using several botanicals found on the island, including sea-buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides), king’s crown / Arctic root (Rhodiola rosea) and juniper. The juniper along with coriander are the two most prominent botanicals.


Myken Arctic Dry Gin
The final design of the Myken Arctic Dry Gin.

The design for this product is made by Metric Design in Oslo, the same company that designed the look of the Karuizawa 1984 29 YO Cask by Cask recently.

The idea behind the design is a high and clear sky, and the sea. The central element illustrates the safe harbour of Myken. I think we can expect a similar design on the Myken single malt when that is ready for release in a few years time.

Myken Arctic Dry Gin - back label
This is an early draft of the back label for the Myken Arctic Dry Gin.

Let us know what you think about the development at Myken Distillery and their new design.

PS! If you contact Myken Distillery they have now started selling casks! Want to see your very own cask of arctic single malt mature, then this is a unique opportunity!

– Thomas

Bonus picture…

Myken Arctic Dry Gin - bottling
Bottling of the first batch of Myken Arctic Dry Gin is under way. (Photo: Myken Distillery)


  1. What exciting news! Gin sounds very good. I shall indeed inquire about a whisky barrel.
    Well done Myken and Roar Larsen!


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