Mackmyra Special 02 Jubileumsutgåvan, NAS, 50,6 %

Mackmyra Special 02 JubileumsutgåvanHere is the second release from Swedish distillery Mackmyra’s Special series. The Mackmyra Special 02 Jubileumsutgåvan (the anniversary edition) was released in the Summer of 2009. It was released in time for Mackmyra’s 10th anniversary, hence the name.

This whisky has been mainly matured in ex-bourbon casks, but there is also new American oak casks, and quite a few Swedish oak casks in the mix here (200 litre, 100 litre and 30 litre casks).

The Mackmyra Special 02 Jubileumsutgåvan is no longer available to buy, but sold at around SEK 600 when released.

Nose: Ripe banana, vanilla, spicy oakiness and soft honey notes. A little spicy, and some alcohol bite. The oakiness becomes more and dominating with time. It feels young on the nose.

Taste: Soft and dry mouthfeel – that’s a bit unusual. Very spicy and dry, I would say. There’s a touch of smokiness – again dry – almost like sweetened ashes.

Finish: Medium long finish. Lots of spicy oakiness. Camphor. Burnt notes – sort of like caramel, but with a perfume like edge to it.


Score (73/100)

– Thomas



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