MACK by Mackmyra, NAS, 40 %

MACK by MackmyraA rather unique product under review today. The MACK by Mackmyra was launched 2015-10-07. Allegedly aimed at a younger audience, this whisky does stand out from the ‘crowd’ of Nordic whiskies in more ways than one.

  1. It is bottled at 40 % ABV. OK, not very unique, although the majority of Nordic whiskies are bottled at 46 % or higher.
  2. It is chill-filtered. Yes, it is connected to item one, but still worth a mention.
  3. It has added colouring (caramel – E150a)
  4. It is cheap!

You can buy a bottle (70 cl) of the MACK by Mackmyra in Sweden at SEK 299 (85591).

Nose: Very light and mild on first approach. Hints of oak, apples, pears and vanilla. Hard to detect a whole lot really. After a good fifteen minutes in the glass it does open up a bit more, and takes on a warmer and slightly richer character. Mainly added caramel notes, but also hints of citrus.

Taste: Light of body – thin and watery. Vanilla, banana and canned pears.

Finish: Very short finish. Burned caramel, white sugar and banana.

Comments: Fairly underwhelming. A bit too skinny in most respects, with a possible exception of the nose after a time. All in all it comes across as a cheap blend, which is also the sort of competition it is set up to compete with, as far as I can tell.

Score (71/100)

– Thomas