Laphroaig QA Cask, NAS, 40 %

Laphroaig QA CaskIt would seem I only drink peated whiskies. I am referring to my latest review of two very different Caol Ila. Well, today it is a whisky from another Islay distillery that will be reviewed; Laphroaig QA Cask.

This whisky was released for Travel Retail market only. This is what Laphroaig say about the whisky:

Vigilance and craftsmanship hold the key to this amazing fusion of flavours. The first maturation is in ex-bourbon barrels, followed by transfer to charred American white oak casks (quercus alba in Latin). This second intense maturation creates a blend of peat smoke balanced with warm, spicy vanilla notes. The length of time this powerful stage takes varies, meaning each cask is carefully selected by hand to ensure the exact balance of flavours.

It is available to order online for about GBP 55.

Nose (21/25): This was a really dry nose. I got the smell of well-burnt log, cold fireplace, dust, peanut shells…to sum it up: Dry! After a while some vanilla gave a little sweetness and I could also recognize fresh oak and resin.

Taste (21/25): Smooth and wet. Ha ha…I hope you get what I mean. Thin and watery. The smoke is more obvious on the palate. Pepper and vanilla.

Finish (21/25): A sweet finish, vanilla again. Smoke. Quite short.

Balance (21/25): This is an easy drinking whisky if you just make it past the dry nose. Not a very exciting whisky, but sometimes that is exactly what you need. Not every whisky has to be rich and complex.

Score (84/100)

– Tone



  1. I have to disagree here, this is a terrible excuse for a whisky. Absolutely pathetic to the point where I use it when stuck with the flu and all my taste buds are dead!
    I really did not like this one.


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