Laphroaig PX Cask, NAS, 48 %

Laphroaig PX CaskThe Ladies’ Share met for a peaty evening i February 2015. One of the whiskies in the line-up was a Laphroaig PX Cask. I have tasted this whisky quite a few times, but never really got around to take any tasting notes…until now.

The PX Cask is a NAS release from Laphroig. There are three types of barrels used in the maturation; from American oak to Quarter Cask to Pedro Ximenez sherry.

This whisky is released for travel retail only.

Nose (21/25): A sweetness that I experience as a bit ‘off’ at first. We described it as ripe banana – a bit sickening sweetnees, if you know what I mean. Oaky and dusty, like an old library. Soft and gentle smoke. Salt.

Taste (21/25): Still the strange sweetness mixed with some better sherry notes. The smoke was more obvious on the palate. Perfume, which we do not prefer in our whiskies.

Finish (20/25): A very short finish where nothing much happened. Actually we did not manage to describe the aftertaste with one single word. Maybe we were too busy talking…

Balance (21/25): Since all the Ladies really love peated whiskies, we looked forward to this evening with five different peated whiskies from Islay. This was a bit disappointing Laphroaig to us. Better luck next time.

Score (83/100)

– Tone



  1. I think the ladies were paying close attention. I love Laphroaig and have more of their whisky than I have of anyone else’s -“and I am a “friend” too – but none of that prevents me from agree g that this is an unbalanced effort. Uber sherry and uber peat is more complex than throwing them into a bottle, shaking it, and bunging on a cork!!

    • Thanks for your comment, David! I agree, not a very balanced whisky. As I said I have tasted it quite a few times. Even though I haven’t done any tasting notes before I have taken the score. And it ends the same every time.


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