Label 5 Classic Black, NAS, 40 %

Label 5 Classic BlackThis is a very popular blend, especially in France, from what I hear. The Label 5 Classic Black is produced by the First Blending Company, which is again a part of the Glen Turner Company which is owned by French company La Martiniquaise. They also own the malt distillery Glen Moray and the grain distillery Starlaw.

The Label 5 brand was launched in 1969, a very fine year by the way.

You can pick up a bottle of the Label 5 Classic Black in Norway at a measly NOK 325 (5893701), and in Sweden a mere SEK 229 (86041).

Nose: I smell bananas. Ah, there are some other fruits here as well, but they are well hidden behind the bananas. Malt, yes, some maltiness is detected. A smidgen of caramel. It is mostly very mild and borderline timid.

Taste: Not skinny, but calling it rotund would be equally incorrect. The bananas are still very much present. Add to that more caramel and some black pepper corns and Bob’s your uncle. Not in a literal sense, mind you, that would be a rather complex process of genetics and/or document forgery, but you get my drift.

Finish: Medium to short finish. Mostly caramel and mild peppers now. The bananas are now vanished. It all turns a little watery towards the end.

Comments: To be fair, this is not a blend that is intended to be sipped neat and dissected by a nerd. Add copious amounts of ice and/or soda of your choice, and enjoy.

Score (75/100)

– Thomas


  1. I had some friends try this blind and all agreed that it’s a very simple but agreeable whisky. The price in France where I bought my bottle is about 12€ 😊

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