Kohaku 10 YO from Karuizawa distillery, 40 %

Kohaku 10 YO from Karuizawa distilleryFinally there was an excuse to visit Dr. Jekylls again! The Ladies’ Share had originally planned a meeting, but it was cancelled due to very few attendants…only two Ladies could meet… Well, the two Ladies were ready to enjoy some whiskies and started the “meeting” at Dr. Jekylls. What a great idea!

We started the tasting with Ichiro’s Malt Chichibu The Floor Malted and Ichiro’s Malt Double Distilleries. Our focus was on Japan this evening. We decided to try Kohaku 10 YO. This whisky is distilled at Karuizawa distillery.

Nose (21/25): Very fruity. Lots of apples and pears at first. Then cinnamon joined the party and I smelt a freshly baked apple pie! In the end there was some orange zest. All in all it was very fresh and almost no sweetness.

Taste (20/25): The taste was a symphony of different spices. The orange zest appeared in the end here as well. Watery mouth feel. Nothing more to say really.

Finish (19/25): Very dry finish. It left the tongue with a “rough” surface.

Balance (20/25): Spicy and fruity with a boring finish. There was almost no sweetness at all. The other Lady summed it all up in three words: Simple and ordinary.

Score (80/100)

– Tone


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