Kildalton 2007 7 YO Svenska Eldvatten, 56,8 %

Kildalton 2007 7 YO Svenska EldvattenKildalton, a new release from the independent bottler Svenska Eldvatten. Which distillery is this whisky coming from? We do not know for sure, other than it is an Islay distillery. Rumours has it that it is Lagavulin. The bottler lets us know the whisky comes from one of the Kildalton distilleries (Ardbeg, Lagavulin, Laphroaig) and further on that it is from a distillery they have not bottled from before (which excludes Laphroaig). Only two distilleries left…

The whisky was distilled August 2007 and bottled September 2014. It was matured in a bourbon barrel. The cask gave 258 bottles.

Unfortunately we cannot buy this lovely whisky in Norway yet, but it will be available March 2015. It is available in Sweden at SEK 1 298 (item number 83461). I was lucky enough to taste this gem at Cinderella Whisky Fair 2015. And I immediately decided to buy a bottle!

Nose (24/25): A young, punch-in-your-face, raw and meaty smell. A whisky with an attitude! A lot of smoke and peat. Definitely a bonfire made from driftwood. White pepper. A hint of candy came through after the whisky had spent some time in the glass. The nose developed and brought on waves of different smells.

Taste (24/25): Really rich taste and mouthfeel. Massive! Strangely the taste was quite sweet to me. The nose made me expect a raw and meaty taste, but instead I was met by chocolate and sweet, fresh licorice. Of course with smoke and peat.

Finish (24/25): Mmmm…rich, sweet, warm and lingering. How can such a young Scottish whisky be this good? Licorice, not the sweet type. Salt. Dark chocolate. Smoke and peat. A bit dry in the end. After a few sips I suddenly recognized avocado, you know – fatty and oily in a nutty way.

Balance (24/25): The nose gave raw and meaty associations while the taste was sweet. These are quite the opposites, I know, but still the whisky felt balanced to me. The clue is: Rich, rich, rich, with a little punch in your face.

Score (96/100)


– Tone




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