Kilchoman 5 YO 2006 Bourbon Single Cask, 61,1 %

Kilchoman 5 YO 2006 Bourbon Single CaskWhen I went to the Box Academy I got a chance to taste a new Kilchoman in the bar at Länsmansgården (where I stayed the whole week). This was a Kilchoman 5 YO from 2006, a bourbon single cask.

Kilchoman is the youngest distillery on Islay. I have tasted quite a few whiskies from Kilchoman and have really enjoyed them. I usually like young whiskies just as much as the old ones. Sometimes the younger are even better, in my opinion.

The whisky was distilled 2006-07-19 and bottled 2011-09-14.

This particular Kilchoman is not available to buy in Norway or Sweden. In Norway I guess it will not be available in pubs since it is above the legal ABV (60 %).

Nose (22/25): A lot of vanilla and candy sweetness. Some menthol as well. Light and fresh with some smoke. I could really smell this one for a while.

Taste (22/25): The smoke did play a bigger role on the taste than on the nose. It was dominating the smell at first. Then came vanilla, sugar and salt.

Finish (21/25): A bit metallic in the end. I could not feel the smoke actually. And the sweetness was missing, but replaced with licorice and ammonia candy.

Balance (22/25): This was not a very consistent whisky, but that did not matter. It was very good!

Score (87/100)

– Tone



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