Kilchoman 100 % Islay 4th Edition, 4 YO, 50 %

Kilchoman 100 % Islay 4th Edition - blind challengeWell, a blind challenge is always an interesting experience. A friend gave me this sample a couple of weeks ago, and I have waited (im)patiently to find the right moment to enjoy it.

My tasting notes below are the original ones and has not been changed since the answer was revealed to me. I will first let you know my guess: A cask strength Laphroaig, bourbon cask, “a bit” old. The answer was: Kilchoman 100 % Islay 4th Edition, 50 %, 4 YO, 1st fill bourbon casks. What did I get right?: High ABV, bourbon cask, Islay whisky. Not very impressive, but okay. I think I need more practice 😉

Kilchoman 100 % Islay 4th Edition was released as 12000 bottles. My husband wrote about it last summer.

The whisky is available in Norway at NOK 729,90 (item number 525801) and in Sweden at SEK 900 (item number 85433).

Nose (24/25): I just love the smell and it does develop for a long time. It starts off quite light and fresh with citrus, licorice and gooseberries. Smoky and salty. After a while there is a hint of malt and the smell of fresh buns with vanilla and cardamom. Some pepper in the end. The word delicate sums it up.

Taste (23/25): Such a rich and warm taste. I find citrus (lemon) here as well, together with some dry/old licorice, ash, salt and soft smoke.

Finish (22/25): A rich and warm finish. There was licorice, some (unnamed) spices, ash, coffee, dark chocolate and pepper. Really creamy and oily. Lingering, it never ends…

Balance (23/25): This was a light, fresh and smooth whisky. Who would have guessed it to be only four years old? Not me. I usually love Kilchoman whiskies. This though does not strike as a ‘typical’ (in my head) Kilchoman. I usually find a more meaty sensation in Kilchoman. But I really liked this one…as you probably guessed when you saw the score.

Score (92/100)

Thanks, Stefan!

– Tone




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