Johnnie Walker The Spice Road, NAS, 40 %

Johnnie Walker The Spice RoadAgain: Yesterday Wolford and whisky confirmed they are the perfect combination for a Lady! Going straight from the Wolford pre sale to a meeting in The Ladies’ Share turned out to be a great evening.

To this meeting I brought a birthday gift from a girlfriend. (By the way I just love such gifts!) The whisky was a Johnnie Walker The Spice Road from the Explorers’ Club Collection. My husband has reviewed this one earlier (it is in Norwegian, but Google Translate will be of help).

Johnnie Walker The Spice Road is travel retail only.

On the label it says it is “a complex whisky with rich flavour and exceptional smoothness”. Let’s see if we agree.

Nose (19/25): Quite sweet. The other Ladies suggested fudge. A lot of perfume, some spices, oranges and nuts. It reminded one of the Ladies of oranges with cloves – a bit like Christmas. After leaving for a while in the glass, the alcohol became more dominating.

Taste (19/25): Smooth, just like promised on the bottle. To us it was a bit watery. We did not detect any other tastes than perfume and some caramel.

Finish (19/25): An oily finish like from eating nuts. Perfume mixed with pure alcohol.

Balance (19/25): The perfume was a bit dominating both on the nose and taste. I think the flavours would have been better if the whisky was released with a higher ABV. Like one of the Ladies said: “It tasted watery. It kind of slips away.”

I don’t know how Johnnie Walker usually produce their bottles, but this one was quite a challenge to pour from! Or maybe not once I figured out how it should be done. It had a very narrow opening and small ball just beneath the top. I had to hold the bottle upside down to get some whisky out. I think I prefer the regular bottles.

Score (76/100)

– Tone




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