Johnnie Walker Red Label, NAS, 40 %

Johnnie Walker Red LabelOn my way home from vacation in California I asked for a whisky on the plane (British Airways). Since the stewardess never asked which whisky I wanted I guess they only had one. At this point I should probably mention that I travelled Economy…

Well, the stewardess gave me a Johnnie Walker Red Label, which is a blend. I had never tasted this one before and therefore I took the opportunity to write down some tasting notes. If you like you can read my tasting notes on Johnnie Walker Blue Label to compare.

I have been told that taste high up in the air may be different from taste at the ground. Keep that in mind when you read my tasting notes of this Johnnie Walker Red Label in a 5 cl bottle.

The whisky is available at Vinmonopolet for NOK 349,90 (item number 14501) and at Systembolaget for SEK 249,- (item number 493).

Nose (19/25): A lot of malt. Quite sweet on the nose with a mix of caramel, banana, sugar and cinnamon. Almost an artificial smell.

Taste (19/25): Thin, watery and sugary with an alcohol bite. Malt and cinnamon here as well. Kind of a bitter taste. After a few sips I found some added spiciness.

Finish (18/25): Short, and that was not a bad thing. Dry and spicy with an alcohol bite.

Balance (19/25): This was a thin and sugary whisky with too much alcohol both on the nose and taste. Although this does not sound too good, Johnnie Walker Red Label is absolutely drinkable.

Score (75/100)

– Tone



  1. It might be drinkable at high altitude but not on the ground. Ten years since I tried it last and I doubt I will ever try it again!

  2. Our last tasting we had was different blends, since Johnnie Walker Red Label is the most sold whisky in the world we tried it.
    It was a blind tasting and I thought this one was somerhing thats wasn’t a whisky. It was not drinkable.

  3. Have tried it during air travel and I really liked the part ” Short, and that was not a bad thing” of the description.


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