Joce City Moonshine, 0 YO, 45 %

Joce City MoonshineNot a whisky per se today, but a moonshine. Also a moonshine camouflaged as coming from a non-existent distillery. Looking at the bottle (well, jar) of Jose City Moonshine it clearly states Jose City Distillery. Luckily this is not the wild west, so you also find the name of the actual distillery on the back label – Tevsjö Destilleri.

As far as I know, this is the first “whisky” release from Tevsjö Destilleri. Strangely enough the product is not mentioned anywhere on their official webpage.

The Joce City Moonshine was launched on 2016-07-07. It is produced for the “western city” Joce City in Björkvik, Sweden. Joce City is a place where you can book a room/cabin, enjoy the “western life”, with bonfires and late night live country music. And now they have their own exclusive moonshine.

You can pick up a bottle of the Joce City Moonshine in Sweden at SEK 276 (7208602).

Nose: Clean and malty. Cereal with added soft spiciness. Alcohol nibble (i.e. not quite a bite). Slightly sour notes in the back.

Taste: Full-bodied and somewhat buttery mouthfeel. Spicy with some sweetness. Black and white pepper, peppermint, and candy cane sweets.

Finish: Short finish. Hints of dark chocolate and vanilla. Mild alcohol burn – well, not a burn – rather a warmth.

Comments: About as complex as a puzzle for ages 3+. Very clean – perhaps with exception for the nose, and a quality product. I’d rather have this than most vodkas and quite a few gins. Not sure it would ever replace a whisky, but that is hardly the purpose of this product.

Score (72/100)

– Thomas