Jim Beam Double Oak, 43 %

Jim Beam Double OakThe Jim Beam Double Oak was recently added as a new core expression to the Jim Beam line-up.

This is what they say about Jim Beam Double Oak on the official website:

“[..] unblended bourbon whiskey that was aged a second time in a new American white oak cask, following four years of aging in a different bourbon cask.”

You can procure a bottle of the Jim beam Double Oak in Norway at NOK 400 (5194001), and online in the UK at just under GBP 30. It is not available at this time in Sweden. 

Nose: Rather shy on the nose. Caramel, vanilla, fresh oak, mild perfume and floral notes. Severely minty. Milk chocolate and brown sugar.

Taste: Smooth and somewhat dry. Again caramel, vanilla and the green touch. Actually, it’s more than just a touch.

Finish: Surprisingly dry and crisp. There is sweetness here, but it feels like it is lacking in depth. Perfume and green notes (in particular green mint). Much the same after taste as you get from a Mint Julep.

Comments: OK, this is the closest I’ve ever been to drinking a Mint Julep without drinking a Mint Julep. Cool! Please note that I am very fond of Mint Julep…try it!

Score (82/100)

– Thomas


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