Jameson Crested, NAS, 40 %

Jameson CrestedEarlier this year Jameson released the Jameson Crested, and last month this new prodtc was made available to buy in Norway.

Here is the official blurb:

“You’re only as good as your name, so in 1963, for the first time our whiskey was bottled, sealed and labelled within the walls of Bow Street our distillery. Crested is a celebration of those first drops bottled in Bow Street.

A vivid blend of Pot Still and grain whiskeys, Jameson Crested’s maturation process is heavily influenced by sherry casks.

You can order the Jameson Crested in Norway at NOK 430 (7778301), and in the UK at around GBP 24. It is currently not available to buy in Sweden.

Nose: Vanilla, and tempered fruity notes, then not much more. But wait – time is yet again our friend. Along comes icing sugar, strawberries, mild sherry, and lighter fruit notes in the shape of melons and pears. There’s a mild spiciness forming the base.

Taste: Medium body and sweetness. Sherry notes, perfumy floral notes, with a slight touch of dry oakiness. Cinnamon and other spices I cannot place. The fruits come through on subsequent sips.

Finish: Medium long finish. Milk chocolate and sherry now. Hmm.. hints of coffee with some oaky bitterness and burnt toast. Peppermint right at the end.

Comments: An OK dram that is not all that different from the regular Jameson to me.

Score (78/100)

– Thomas