Isle of Lime Midaik, 3 YO, 46.2 %

Nordic Whisky #198 - Isle of Lime MidaikI’m back from my summer slumber, and coming up on review 200 of Nordic whiskies. I have two more to go before that particular anniversary though. First up is the brand new Isle of Lime Midaik from Swedish distillery Gotland Whisky. This is their fourth release, and second publicly available whisky. See my review of previous releases here.

This is a lightly peated whisky with an average age of 4.05 years. The youngest drops are 3.4 years, and the oldest 4.64 years. Gotland Whisky are showing great transparency, which is really becoming a very positive trend with Nordic distilleries. All the details for this release, and I do mean all the details,  can be found here.

This is a rather large batch, with a total of 14 000 bottles at 50 cl. As before, they use locally grown ecological barley; Propina Tipple. The whisky has been matured in 96 and 200 litre casks, with about 50 % being 1st fill bourbon casks and the rest fresh American oak (medium and heavy toast). The Isle of Lime Midaik was bottled in the period May 5 to 30, 2018, and was released for sale on June 1, 2018.

The name “Midaik” is taken from two local oak trees. Halfway through a nearby forest there are two big old oak trees, which have served as a good place to take a rest and meet people for centuries. The oaks are about 900 years now, but they still have green leafs in the summer. “Midaik” can more or less be translated into English as “midway oak”.

The Isle of Lime Midaik is currently for sale in Sweden at SEK 494 (3305702).

Nose: Warm and approachable. Floral honey, sun-warmed orchard fruits and the promise of toasted oak planks. Hints of peat in the back. Then vanilla mixed with deeper malty notes and lightly roasted nuts. It is well-balanced and mature for its age.

Taste: Medium body and sweetness. Mainly vanilla and orchard fruits on the palate. Traces of nuts and oakiness.

Finish: Medium to short finish. Honey and floral notes towards the end. Slightly perfumy. A hint of mint, and a touch watery right at the end.

Comments: Really liked the nose. It feels a little young on the palate, but for a 3 YO it is another great accomplishment by Gotland Whisky.

Score (84/100)

– Thomas