Inchgower 1999 12 YO Douglas Laing Advance Sample for OMC, 50 %

Inchgower 1999 12 YO Douglas Laing Advance Sample for OMCMy very first Inchgower! It is always interesting to taste something from a new distillery, new to me that is. Well, actually it is always interesting to taste whisky.

Todays whisky is Inchgower 1999 12 YO from Douglas Laing Advance Sample for OMC. It was distilled in October 1999 and bottled in July 2012. It has been matured in Sherry butt DL 8793.

This Inchgower is not available in Norway or Sweden.

Nose (20/25): Hay and grass…it reminded me a little bit of the different smells at a farm. Not really flattering. After a while the smell became more sweet and I detected chocolate. That was better. Now, what to expect of the taste after this nose? I was surprised in a positive way.

Taste (23/25): Lots of chocolate, licorice and candy. Full, rich and warm. Spicy as well. Really, really good.

Finish (22/25): Not so sweet in the end though. But still some licorice and some spice (nutmeg?). A long finish.

Balance (22/25): Overall a very nice whisky, I think. I don’t know why the smell was so different from the taste. The smell improved after a long while (30+ minutes) in the glass. Maybe it would have been even better if I had time to leave it in the glass even longer.

Score (87/100)

– Tone



  1. Berry.s had a 26 year old who just sold in VIKA-CITY. Stool you to test it. Btls. 2006 and sold out quickly. Mine is unopened, come back with a report later.


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