Ichiro’s Malt Wine Wood Reserve, NAS, 46 %

This is one of the famous blended malt products from Ichiro Akuto. When he started the Chichibu Distillery in japan he brought with him the entire old stock from then closed distillery Hanyu. This is a blended malt made up from single malt produced at Chichibu and Hanyu. The Ichiro’s Malt Wine Wood Reserve is finished in unspecified wine casks.

When Ichiro first released this product the Hanyu content was higher than it is now. This is natural since the Hanyu stock is dwindling and the Chichibu stock is growing and aging well.

The Ichiro’s Malt Wine Wood Reserve will be available to buy in Norway in two days at NOK 1700 (10554701).

Nose: There are certainly wine notes on the nose here. Sweet, red berries mixed with a tempered spiciness. Black and white pepper. Hints of summer fruits in the back, and some vanilla.

Taste: Medium to full-bodied. More fruity than on the nose; apples and pineapple, perhaps grilled pineapple as well. Mild spices and caramel sauce.

Finish: Medium long finish. Sweet wine like notes now. Mild mannered and very polite. Drying towards the end.

Comments: Oooh, I like.

Score (87/100)

Image from Master of Malt.

– Thomas