Hyde 6 YO No. 3 The Áras Cask
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Hyde 6 YO No. 3 The Áras Cask, 46 %

This is the second Hyde Whiskey I got a chance to sample a couple of weeks back. This one is a bit of an oddball.

The Hyde 6 YO No. 3 The Áras Cask is a single grain whiskey from Hibernia Distillers in Skibereen in West Cork, Ireland. It is also very young. At only 6 years old, traditional grain whisk(e)y wisdom indicates that this one should be quite raw and unremarkable.

As Hibernia Distillers were established in 2014, this whiskey was distilled at another distillery in Skibereen, and finished at Hibernia. (See my article about Hyde No. 1 for further discussion about the source of Hyde Whiskeys.)

Hyde 6 YO No. 3 The Áras Cask is produced from corn and barley grain, triple distilled in a Coffey still, and matured for six years on 1st fill ex-bourbon casks.

Hyde 6 YO No. 3 The Áras Cask is available in Europe around the 35-40 euro mark, in the UK at around GBP 37, and will be launched at Vinmonopolet in Norway in November. If you’re in Sweden, you can order it at Systembolaget for SEK 589.

Nose: The 1st fill  bourbon casks come through quite strongly. The predominating aroma is of oak and oak spice. Vanilla, clove and cinnamon. There is also toffee and fudge there, with hints of mint and coffee in the background.

Taste: The mouthfeel is creamy and smooth, fresh and juicy. There’s vanilla, pepper and aniseed to the taste.

Finish: The finish is rich and juicy. Flavor has ginger and pepper, and the barley segment of the grain bill comes through at the end.

Comments: This young grain whiskey is, to me, surprisingly complex and rich. I have not sampled a great deal of grain whiskies, but this one turns what I’ve been told and what I’ve sampled before on its head. With the freshness and juicy mouthfeel of the Hyde 6 YO No. 3 The Áras Cask, I feel it’s a very nice summer dram.

Score (82/100)

– Kjell Ove



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