Hudson Baby Bourbon Whiskey, NAS, 46 %

Hudson Baby Bourbon WhiskeyThis is a very cute bourbon, a cute baby of a bourbon actually. The Hudson Baby Bourbon Whiskey is produced by the New York distillery Tuthilltown Spirits. It is matured in tiny and cute 4 gallon barrels, which speeds up the maturation. The maturation is further enhanced by something they call the Sonic Maturation Process – where they have placed subwoofers throughout their warehouses. The speakers are pumping out music with lots of bass – which in turn makes the spirit in the casks vibrate. The vibrations will increase the wood contact of the spirit and thus enhance maturation – at least that is the wonderful and cute theory.

The Hudson Baby Bourbon Whiskey is made from 100 % corn. The bottled we are testing today is labeled Year 12, Batch E1.

The whiskey is, of course, sold in tiny and cute 350 ml bottles. The distillery tried switching to larger bottles a few years back, but were met by massive protests from their customers. They love these very particular bottles. We have also heard that these bottles make great candle holders.

This whiskey is available to buy in Norway at NOK 599 (item number 1984402), and in Sweden at SEK 499 (item number 8430902).

Nose (22/25): Soft and delicate. Lots of cinnamon, fresh sawdust, fresh vanilla, corn and ripe banana. In time I do find soft notes of red berries and some caramel.

Taste (22/25): Very smooth. White pepper, vanilla, fudge, and ripe banana. The corn sweetness is tempered and does not overpower in any way.

Finish (22/25): Medium long finish, which is surprisingly rich and warm. Soft spices, caramel swirls, and honey sweetness.

Balance (22/25): A true delight. This is a cute bottle that will always have a place on our whiskey shelf.

Score (88/100)

– Thomas


  1. Hi,
    Fascinating! It is always enjoyable to read reviews on American Whiskey from someone who lives outside of our borders. Long time bourbon drinker, at times I find many of they craft young whiskies short on flavor and even shorter on finish. Maybe in another 4 or 5 years they might have something. Cheers



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