Highland Park 16 YO – tasting Highland Park in Stockholm

Highland Park 16 YO - tasting Highland Park in StockholmI had a great weekend at Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival last weekend! On Friday I was lucky enough to get a place at the Highland Park masterclass with senior brand ambassador Martin Markvardsen.

During my whisky ‘career’ I have tasted quite a few Highland Park, both distillery bottlings and independent bottlings. Last June I had the pleasure of visiting Orkney and Highland Park. It was such a great experience. Read what Thomas wrote about our trip.

Well, back to the masterclass in Stockholm. The line-up was like this:

The Highland Park 16 YO was new to me. It was released for the travel retail market. Unfortunately it is not possible to buy this anymore.

I did not take full tasting notes of the 16 YO, but I will give you a quick impression:

Nose (22/25): Fruity. Dried fruits. Gentle smoky notes. Some spices.

Taste (22/25): Fruity and quite rich. Smooth. A lightly peated touch. Some spices, the sweet ones like cinnamon and white pepper.

Finish (21/25): The finish is fruity, but changes to dry very quickly. Quite short.

Balance (21/25): A really nice and balanced dram.

Score (86/100)

Highland Park 16 YO - tasting Highland Park in Stockholm
Martin Markvardsen and myself. Quite happy holding a bottle of Freya – although it’s empty!

– Tone



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