Grythyttan Skogsrå, 5 YO, 58 %

Nordic Whisky #194 - Grythyttan SkogsråHere is another release from independent bottler Bergslagens. This whisky was distilled in 2011 at the now closed Grythyttan Distillery in Sweden.

The Grythyttan Skogsrå has been matured in a mix of 200 litre ex-bourbon casks and smaller fresh Swedish oak casks. The total outturn was a 850 bottles.

The Swedish name “skogsrå” also refers to a mythical being, just like with the Grythyttan Vätte that I reviewed a while back. “Skogsrå” is the “Mistress of the Forest”, a forest nymph.

You can still buy the Grythyttan Skogsrå in Sweden at SEK 995 (3183802). It came on sale 2017-10-02

Nose: Fresh mint, fresh oak, pine wood forest right after a heavy rainstorm. The oak is very present here, but it is not overwhelming. Vanilla, nuts and raisins mix.

Taste: Rich and full-bodied. Very fresh, very fizzy. Tons of ginger, sweet licorice, and mint.

Finish: Medium long finish. Still very minty and green. Vanilla. Breath mints with an earthy note. Deep sweetness, lots of oak – fresh, wet planks and sawdust.

Comments: The name seems apt. The mind does go to the woods, with a certain, tempered rawness or wildness. A very interesting dram.

Score (83/100)

– Thomas