Grythyttan 2011 5 YO Sherry Darling, 58 %

Grythyttan 2011 5 YO Sherry Darling (Bergslagens Independent Bottler)Here’s a special one. The first ever release of single malt from now closed Swedish distillery Grythyttan that I have tried. The whisky is released by Bergslagens Independent Bottler. Bergslagens is also a distillery, currently mothballed but hopefully soon to re-open. They purchased the stock of maturing whisky when Grythyttan closed down. Here’s the first result from that investment.

The Grythyttan 2011 5 YO Sherry Darling was distilled in 2011, and matured for five years in 50 litre sherry casks. It was released for sale on March 1, 2017, and sold out pretty quickly.

When launched the sales price for Grythyttan 2011 5 YO Sherry Darling was SEK 849 (3151202).

Nose: Light and playful notes of sherry and vanilla. Well integrated, no alcohol burn or faults. This is an appealing nose. Dried fruits – mainly raisins and prunes. Homemade caramel pudding and red berries.

Taste: Dry-ish and medium body. Tempered sweetness with astringent notes of oak. It is borderline over-oaked, but it stays on the right side of the border. Homemade caramel pudding again, and hints of rubber hose (not bad, mind you – this is just a hint).

Finish: Medium long finish. Even drier now, and the oakiness is definitely there. Then after a few seconds it releases its grip and I am left with a fine, sugary and fruity sweetness. Peppermint right at the end.

Comments: A well-composed whisky that was bottled just in time. Some might be put off immediately by the oakiness on the palate, but do give it a chance, and you’ll see this is actually quite a nice dram.

Score (83/100)

Grythyttan 2011 5 YO Sherry Darling (Bergslagens Independent Bottler)
The back label.

– Thomas




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