The Glover 14 YO, 44,3 %

The Glover 14 YO (Adelphi)The Glover is a fun new project from independent bottler Adelphi. You can read more about it here. The basic premise is to take fine Scotch single malt whisky and marry it with equally fine Japanese single malt whisky, to create something that is hopefully greater than the sum of its parts. This blended whisky is named after the ‘Scottish Samurai’ Thomas Blake Glover, a Scotsman that was instrumental in the industrialisation of Japan.

The whiskies that make up The Glover 14 YO are not disclosed. For the much more limited The Glover 22 YO, the whiskies are named, but not so here. The Glover 14 YO is limited to 1500 bottles.

Rumour has it that we will see more bottlings of The Glover, and that Adelphi are looking to create similar combinations of Scotch single malt whisky and other ‘world whiskies’…

The Glover 14 YO sold at around GBP 100, but is now sold out.

Nose: Fruity and a bit shy. Rather complex and delicate. You have to close up on this one very slowly. Give it a few minutes in the glass and it opens up to reveal a light smokiness (old and cold fireplace), and fresh green apples.

Taste: Lean and smooth. What I notice immediately is the ashes – sort of dry and borderline smoky. Definitely a lot of ashes. Quite peppery as well –  white and black pepper. Camphor, eucalyptus, ginger and a touch of mint chocolate.

Finish: Medium long finish. Greener now, more herbs and green grass. Mint chocolate still. A little salty towards the end.

Comments: A delightful, if a bit odd, dram. I hope to get to try The Glover 22 YO as well. Good thing there are several festivals coming up over the next few weeks.

Score (87/100)

Image from Master of Malt.

– Thomas



  1. Hei, et spørsmål…som jeg ikke helt finner svar på.
    Har et par flasker som jeg ikke kommer til å åpne før om 3-10 år. Og lagring ifh til lys, temp og fuktighet er greit, står masse om det rundt om. Men jeg har flaskene i pappboksen de ble kjøpt i, og når jeg åpner boksen så lukter det ganske konsentrert papplukt oppi, logisk nok selvfølgelig. Men flaskene blir jo stående i denne lukten i flere år….vil ikke dette påvirke innholdet tilslutt?

    Ble oppmerksom på dette i Ralfys siste whisky review (nr 597), han nevner at man ikke bør lagre flasken i pappboksen. Men er usikker på om han mener en åpnet flaske eller og det også gjelder uåpnete flasker.

    • Hi, this is completely new to me. Have seen the Ralfy episode, and I must say this was a bit unexpected. I have never experienced this effect myself. I have tasted quite a few bottles of whisky that have been stored for years and years in the original carton box, with no negative effect. I would imagine the effect could be negative if you store an opened bottle in a cardboard carton, but I still have a hard time seeing that this could have a significant impact. I will have to look into this in more detail!


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