Glenugie 1981 24 YO Blackadder, 61,8 %

Glenugie 1981 24 YO BlackadderI usually love whiskies from the independent bottler Blackadder. In Tokyo I got the chance to taste a 24 YO Glenugie from Blackadder. There is only one Glenugie on my list of ‘whiskies I have tasted’ and that one was just lovely. So, I was ready to taste my second.

This Glenugie was distilled 27 November 1981 and bottled June 2006. The cask number was 5515 and the outturn was 562 bottles. My dram was from bottle 189.

Nose (22/25): I was met by a nice selection of berries. Very fresh at first. Then some sweetness came along with fudge, marshmallows and cream. Actually it was very creamy. After leaving the whisky for quite some time in the glass, there was just a tiny hint of rubber, but nothing that detracted from the other lovely aromas.

Taste (24/25): Wow! Incredibly smooth and soft. Raspberry and blackcurrant. Nice. Then some salt and a little whiff of smoke or dust. I could not decide.

Finish (23/25): A really fresh finish with something tingling my tongue, like a sweet Cava. Very smooth and filled with sweet berries. A very full and lingering aftertaste.

Balance (23/25): It is not often that I both smell and taste berries in a whisky actually, but this Glenugie really had a lot of it. I think the berries gave a very nice sweetness, not too heavy. Except from the tiny hint of rubber on the nose, this was truly a well balanced whisky. The finish was so fresh!

Score (92/100)

– Tone



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