Glenlochy 1980 27 YO Part des Anges, 27 år, 58,3 %

Glenlochy 1980 27 YO Part des AngesA huge thanks to all of you who suggested whisky pubs The Ladies’ Share could visit in Brussels! I found a real gem at Delirium Cafe; Glenlochy 1980 27 YO.

Glenlochy is a closed distilleri, and I have never tasted any whisky from Glenlochy before. The whisky was distilled in 1980 and bottled in 2007, cask number 2826, bottle 131 of 231. This particular Glenlochy is bottled by Part des Anges in the Closed Distilleries series.

Nose (24/25): I was met by a smooth and sweet smell of caramel, but not too sweet. A bit dusty (as I call it…others would probably say ‘oak’). After a while there was orange peel, more caramel, and in the end som liquorice. Simply lovely!

Taste (24/25): Wow! An amazingly full, smooth and complex taste. Really nice. Caramel and liquorice dominated the taste.

Finish (24/25): Warm and lingering in the finish. Some salt mixed with liquorice and ammonia candy. The caramel was missing, but as I love liquorice and ammonia candy this was still a great finish.

Balance (24/25): This was a very balanced whisky. Liquorice from start to finish. Smooth and complex. Almost perfect! When I read my tasting notes again I do not know why I did not give Glenlochy top score…actually.

Score 96/100

I would definitely recommend this whisky! Take a trip to Brussels and taste it at Delirium.

– Tone



  1. Have this with nr. 117.From Signatory 3 diff. in 2012. One a bit over 60 %. Sould out in Norway. PDA could been found only at Nesodden. A boattrip from Oslo !


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