Glenlivet 1974 (bottled 2011) Gordon & MacPhail, 43 %

Glenlivet 1974 (2011) Gordon & MacphailThe independent bottler Gordon & MacPhail has released a lot of whiskies from Glenlivet distillery, many of which have been bottled at 40 % or 43 %.

This Glenlivet was distilled in 1974 and bottled in 2011. It is a part of the bottling series George & J.G. Smith’s.

It is hard to find this 2011 bottling available online, but if you search you shall find. The price is in the range of € 500.

Nose (20/25): I found it to be quite sharp at first. It smelled like old whisky. Oaky on the nose. And there was some polish, like furniture polish. Then I found a lot of herbs – primarily mint and basil. After a while in the glass it became more fresh, as the initial sharpness was smoothed out. In the end there were citrus notes and something reminding me of Cointreau.

Taste (19/25): It felt dry and watery at the same time on the palate. There was definitely oak and sugar. The alcohol was quite noticeable.

Finish (20/25): Still dry and woody on the finish. The citrus from the nose came back, I found orange peel. Pepper.

Balance (20/25): I think this whisky maybe has spent too many years in the cask. To me it had lost most of its aromas, at least the ones I like.

Score (79/100)

Thanks, Jim!

Image from The Whisky Store.

– Tone



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