Glengoyne 12 YO, 43 %

Glengoyne 12 YOThe whisky under review today is the Glengoyne 12 YO. This is a fine entry level whisky that I very often come back to.

The Glengoyne 12 YO is matured in a mix of different casks; 20% 1st fill oloroso sherry cask, 20 % bourbon barrels, and 60 % refill sherry casks.

In Norway a bottle of Glengoyne 12 YO will set you back NOK 670 (279601), in Sweden the price is SEK 419 (421), and in the UK it is around GBP 32.

Nose: Warm and sherried. Warm sand and worn leather. Deep notes of vanilla. Apples with top notes of lime. Malt and warm spices. Perhaps a touch of toasted oak.

Taste: Full-bodied and quite creamy. Black and white pepper figure very prominently upfront. It is also very fruity, as expected. A fine mix of ripe orchard fruits. Toasted oak is hinted at in the background.

Finish: Surprisingly long finish. Deeper notes of caramel now. The apples are still here, now mixed with nuts and rich vanilla ice cream.

Comments: One of the best entry level Scotch whiskies out there.

Score (86/100)

– Thomas