Glenfiddich The Original, NAS, 40 %

Glenfiddich The OriginalThe Glenfiddich Original is a limited edition bottling that is a reproduction of the 1963 Glenfiddich Straight Malt recipe. The original (yeah, I know, bear with me) expression launched in 1963 came at a time when blended whisky ruled the whisky market completely. The single malt category was in practice not there yet, even if a very few exceptions existed. The 1963 release is claimed to have been the first single malt to actually be marketed as a single malt. I say “claimed” because I have not done my own research here – a bit lazy, I know. Again, please bear with me, it is only whisky.

Brian Kinsman, the current Malt Master at Glenfiddich, has with this recreated the taste profile of the product from 1963. He used the original recipe book from Hamish Robertson, Glenfiddich’s 4th Malt Master, and examined bottles and samples from that time. Hans-Henrik Hansen, a Dane who is said to own the biggest Glenfiddich collection in the world, helped them source bottles from 1963.

The Glenfiddich The Original will be sold in Norway at NOK 895, and will be released on November 6. Only 350 bottles are allocated to the Norwegian market. This product does not appear to be available to buy in weden, but you can buy it online from the UK at around GBP 71.

Nose (21/25): Light and delicate. Apples, pears and milk chocolate. A touch of oak. Soft, deep and comfortable – much like my favorite leather sofa. Becomes more and more nutty with time (like me?) – almonds i particular.

Taste (21/25): Quite spicy, much more so than the Glenfiddich 12 YO. Pepper and more exotic spices. Soft and appealing mouthfeel. Lots of fruits; banana, pear and fresh apple. Vanilla. Malty sweetness.

Finish (21/25): The nuts are back, again almonds. Slightly oily. Vanilla biscuits, pepper and a touch of oak. Medium length on the finish.

Balance (21/25): I quite liked this dram. I would love to taste it side by side with a bottle of the Glenfiddich Straight Malt from 1963.

Score (84/100)

– Thomas



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