Glenfarclas 1989 25 YO for Villa Konthor, 56,6 %

Glenfarclas 1989 25 YO for Villa KonthorIn Limburg my husband and I spent quite a few hours at Villa Konthor. The very first evening we got the chance to taste a 25 YO Glenfarclas bottled especially for Villa Konthor. This was part of a split cask, and only 30 bottles were released for Villa Konthor.

The whisky was distilled 1989 and bottled 2014. We tasted from bottle 20 of 30.

I guess it is needless to say, but I will say it anyway: This whisky is not available in Norway or Sweden.

Nose (24/25): Such a lovely sherry nose! Really rich and smooth.  A lovely mix of sweets and spices. I got oranges and blackcurrant warmed by the sun. Cinnamon, cardamom and some malt.

Taste (23/25): Rich and smooth on the palate as well. Fruity with peaches and a lot of berries, blackcurrant in particular. A bit salt.

Finish (22/25): Salt caramel mixed with a rich sweetness in the end. Peaches, licorice and some oakiness. Medium long finish.

Balance (23/25): This was a really great Glenfarclas. The sherry notes are present all the way but slightly changes character from nose to taste to finish.

Score (92/100)

– Tone



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