Nordic whisky #192 – Fary Lochan New Spirit “sommer”, 0 YO, 46 %

Nordic whisky #192 - Fary Lochan New Spirit "sommer"I have previously just tried one single malt and a few new spirit products from Danish distillery Fary Lochan. Here is another new spirit product, the Fary Lochan New Spirit “sommer”. “Sommer” is Danish (and Norwegian) for summer.

There is really not a whole lot to say about this product. I love the fact that a few distilleries actually let you taste their products in this “raw” state, with no cask maturation.

You can buy the Fary Lochan New Spirit “sommer” straight from the distillery at DKK 300 (50 cl).

Nose: Fresh and malty. Soft notes of apples and lime zest. Hints of cereal and nail polish. With time there is an added floral element.

Taste: Medium body and a creamy mouthfeel. Very mild and drinkable. Black and white pepper, and malt.

Finish: Short finish. Continues as it started, but – as expected – not for long. Right at the end I pick up some white chocolate.

Comments: Further proof that they really know what they are doing at Fary Lochan.

Score (74/100)

– Thomas