Meeting for The Ladies’ Share

Expanding our horizons - whisky cocktailsThe Ladies’ Share met last Thursday. There was a different kind of tasting on the menu that day: Whisky cocktails! How cool is that? Correct answer: Very cool!

We were lucky enough to be served the cocktails by Nick Ravenhall from Cask Norway. Some of the Ladies have had the privilege to attend whisky tastings with Nick before, so there was no surprise to us that he again showed what a great and knowledgeable guy he is.

He arranged the tasting by first making one cocktail for all of us. Then while we sniffed and tasted and enjoyed the cocktail, he told us the story of the cocktail and showed us how it was made. A really well-planned way of doing such a tasting. Nick managed to keep the attention from the Ladies (almost) all the time. When we became too chatty he politely managed to get us back on topic again.

The ingredients

To make the six whisky cocktails we had that evening, you will need a lot of ingredients. Whisky – of course (see list below), and then regular bitter, orange bitter, chocolate (!) bitter, cherry liqueur and red vermouth. Non alcoholic ingredients were mint, blood orange juice, coffee, cream, oranges, cherries, demerara sugar and ice, LOTS of ice.

The whiskies used were:

The Whisky Cocktails

Nick sure knows how to make cocktails. They were all really fantastic! If you could have heard us that evening, all the ‘mmm…’ and ‘aaahhh…’, you would have agreed. He had chosen the old and classic ones:

  • Mint Julep
  • Manhattan
  • Rob Roy
  • Blood and Sand (the favourite of most of the Ladies)
  • Old Fashioned
  • Irish Coffee

Thanks, Nick! This was an amazing evening for The Ladies’ Share!

Expanding our horizons - whisky cocktails
Nick Ravenhall and The Ladies’ Share (unfortunately one Lady was not present).

– Tone



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